Nancy E Foster

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BACKGROUND The multiagency Quality Interagency Coordination Task Force (QuIC) coordinates activities and plans for quality measurement and improvement across all the U.S. federal agencies involved in health care. One of its working groups focuses on the health care workforce and ways to improve the quality of care that it provides. In October 1999 four(More)
BACKGROUND Medicare recently announced its intention to withhold additional payments for "serious preventable events." THE INTERVENTION Beginning in 2009, Medicare will withhold its usual additional payments associated with hospitalizations that included one of several potentially preventable adverse events, such as certain hospital-acquired infections,(More)
FORMATION OF THE QUIC: The Quality Interagency Coordination Task Force (QuIC) was established in 1998 to enable the participating federal agencies to coordinate their activities to study, measure, and improve the quality of care delivered by federal health programs; provide people with information to help them in making more informed choices about their(More)
The declining interest in primary care among U.S. medical students is an ominous trend for the national health system. The medical school environment, the powerful financial incentives promoting specialism, and the practice environment itself have contributed to the decline of generalism. During a day-long meeting sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson(More)
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