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Falls are a significant problem among older adults. Reported correlates of older adult falls have included determinations in leg muscle strength and declines in postural control. However, some investigators have reported low correlations between measures of strength and postural control among older adults. Other investigators have reported that attention(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a 14-week resistance training program on the ankle strength, training intensity, postural control, and gait velocity of older adults. Forty-two older adults (mean age = 72), 21 in the resistance and control groups, completed the 14-week project. The resistance training group participated in 14 weeks of(More)
BACKGROUND In 1998, the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist (NACNS) developed the first ever core competencies for clinical nurse specialist (CNS) practice. PURPOSE This article describes the method used to develop, validate, and revise CNS core practice competencies. METHODS The stepwise method of identifying core CNS competencies(More)
To investigate whether a hand-positioning device placed in the palm of a patient with nonprogressive brain damage will decrease hypertonicity of the flexor muscles of the hand through proprioreceptive sensory input to the alpha-gamma coactivation loop, a hard cone was placed in the affected hand of 11 subjects who had sustained cerebrovascular accidents and(More)
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