Nancy Da Silva

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This study adopted a person-organization fit framework to examine (a) whether employees' perceptions of organizational strategy for adaptation predicted their commitment to their organization and their intentions to stay and (b) whether these 2 relationships were moderated by perceived job alternatives. Support was found for both hypotheses. Specifically,(More)
Arsenate is a major toxic constituent in arsenic-contaminated water supplies. Saccharomyces cerevisiae was engineered as a potential biosorbent for enhanced arsenate accumulation. The phosphate transporter, Pho84p, known to import arsenate, was overexpressed using a 2μ-based vector carrying PHO84 under the control of the late-phase ADH2 promoter. Arsenate(More)
One hundred sixty licensed morticians were surveyed to examine differences among business owners, managers, and employees on the relations proposed by G. F. Koeske and R. D. Koeske's (1993) stressor-strain-outcome model. Forty-eight percent of the morticians were owners, 16% were managers, and 36% were employees. Owners had less social support from(More)
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