Nancy Awadallah

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With the ever increasing amount of new attacks in today’s world the amount of data will keep increasing, and because of the base-rate fallacy the amount of false alarms will also increase. Another problem with detection of attacks is that they usually isn’t detected until after the attack has taken place, this makes defending against attacks hard and can(More)
Network attacks have become the fundamental threat to today's largely interconnected computer system. Intrusion detection system (IDS) is indispensable to defend the system in the face of increasing vulnerabilities. While a number of information visualization software frameworks exist, creating new visualizations, especially those that involve novel(More)
The purpose of this research is to study the impact of Egyptian hotels’ websites marketing on customer e-satisfaction and how to achieve e-loyalty through focusing on e-satisfaction success factors (website information quality, system convenience, system safety, service quality, expectations and perceptions for hotel services and facilities, and intention(More)
The main incentive for the use of electronic commerce (E-commerce) and spread on a large scale is that most of business activities need payment system. As E-commerce requires an efficient payment system which is stable and secure for supporting electronically commerce. This paper proposed to enforce SET, SSL protocols for encrypting e-payment information.(More)
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