Nancy A. Skopp

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This research examined maternal and partner warmth as moderators of the relation between men's intimate partner aggression and children's externalizing problems. Participants were 157 mothers and their children (ages 7-9 years). Results indicate that maternal and partner warmth each moderated the relation between men's intimate partner aggression and(More)
Although the quality of parenting predicts externalizing behavior problems generally, ineffective parenting may be less relevant to explaining the behavior problems of children high in callous-unemotional traits. This study tested the potential moderating role of psychopathic features among juvenile offenders (n = 76). Youths were administered the(More)
This study evaluated the long-term effects of Project SUPPORT, an intervention designed to reduce conduct problems among children in domestically violent families. Participating mothers had sought shelter because of domestic violence and had at least one child (4-9 years old) exhibiting clinical levels of conduct problems. Results indicated that at 2 years(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine gender differences in combat exposure, military sexual trauma (MST), and their associations with mental health screen results among military personnel deployed in support of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Data were collected as part of a pre- and post-deployment screening program at a large Army medical treatment(More)
This research examines whether siblings in domestically violent families differ in experiences of interparent conflict and whether such differences are associated with differences in children's adjustment. Participants included 112 sibling pairs and their mothers temporarily residing in domestic violence shelters. Children completed measures of their(More)
IMPORTANCE A pressing question in military suicide prevention research is whether deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom relates to suicide risk. Prior smaller studies report differing results and often have not included suicides that occurred after separation from military service. OBJECTIVE To examine the(More)
OBJECTIVE Prolonged exposure (PE) is an evidence-based psychotherapy for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but there is limited research with active-duty military populations. Virtual reality exposure (VRE) has shown promise but randomized trials are needed to evaluate efficacy relative to existing standards of care. This study evaluated the efficacy of(More)
Military suicide has escalated in recent years, however almost no research has used military surveillance data to examine suicide risk factors. The aims of the current study were to compare suicide risk factors among US Soldiers who died by suicide, attempted suicide, and controls using a prospective case-control design. Controls were 247 Soldiers(More)