Nancy A Orr

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Medical schools and specialty societies have struggled to define a core content for medical students and practitioners but, to date, have been stymied by both political considerations and the sheer burden of the innumerable decisions that must be made to define the essence of a medical specialty. Six professional organizations representing the field of(More)
The type of distribution of low dosage drugs that occurs in batches of commercially available tablets has been examined. The uniformity of content of ethinyloestradiol tablets 10 micrograms B.P. from different sources, assessed by single tablet assay showed that three batches exhibited some positive skewness and one marked positive skewness. At the high(More)
Equine osteochondrosis is a developmental joint disease that is a significant source of morbidity affecting multiple breeds of horse. The genetic variants underlying osteochondrosis susceptibility have not been established. Here, we describe the results of a genome-wide association study of osteochondrosis using 90 cases and 111 controls from a population(More)
N. Kobayashi, T. Nakamura, J. A. Tostevin, Y. Kondo, N. Aoi, H. Baba, S. Deguchi, J. Gibelin, M. Ishihara, Y. Kawada, T. Kubo, T. Motobayashi, T. Ohnishi, N. A. Orr, H. Otsu, H. Sakurai, Y. Satou, E. C. Simpson, T. Sumikama, H. Takeda, M. Takechi, S. Takeuchi, K. N. Tanaka, N. Tanaka, Y. Togano, and K. Yoneda Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of(More)
The content uniformity of hydrocortisone in seven commercially available brands of hydrocortisone ointment B.P. 1% has been investigated. Fifty 5 mg samples were assayed by high pressure liquid chromatography and the results indicated that for 95% confidence levels only two of the ointments exhibited no positive skewness, one exhibited a significant degree(More)
F. M. Marqués,* M. Labiche, N. A. Orr, J. C. Angélique, L. Axelsson, B. Benoit, U. C. Bergmann, M. J. G. Borge, W. N. Catford, S. P. G. Chappell, N. M. Clarke, G. Costa, N. Curtis, A. D’Arrigo, E. de Góes Brennand, F. de Oliveira Santos, O. Dorvaux, G. Fazio, M. Freer, B. R. Fulton, G. Giardina, S. Grévy, D. Guillemaud-Mueller, F. Hanappe, B. Heusch, B.(More)
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