Nancie Senko

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The phospholipase A2 enzymes are important components of the cellular machinery that responds to inflammatory stimuli and maintains cell homeostasis by membrane remodelling. Their role as the rate-limiting step in the production of pro-inflammatory lipid mediators makes these enzymes an important therapeutic target for the treatment of inflammatory(More)
Sensitivity analysis techniques are applied to the FKBP-FK506 and FKBP-rapamycin complexes to quantify the conformational relationships between FKBP and its ligands. Crystal structures of the two FKBP complexes are energy minimized in the Amber force field using a continuum solvent model, and derived Green's function sensitivity coefficients are developed(More)
Modified heterocyclic phenylalanine analogues designed as replacements for the P3-P4 region were synthesized and incorporated into renin inhibitors. These inhibitors were found to have significant activity versus human recombinant renin, as well as in vivo activity. The compounds proved to be very resistant to chymotrypsin degradation, as exemplified by(More)
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