Nanci Camara

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Extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Enterobacteriaceae have been isolated from many regions of the world. Epidemiological studies are being conducted in Europe, North America, and Asia. No study has however been conducted in Africa to determine the prevalence and distribution of ESBLs on the continent. This literature review aimed at(More)
Stachytarpheta cayennensis (Rich.) Vahl, Verbenaceae, plant extract, is a Brazilian medicinal plant externally used in folk medicine for purulent ulcers, skin lesions and internally for inflammations, fever, renal disorders and atherosclerosis. S. cayennesis was studied to identify potential bioactive compounds that may justify their therapeutic use against(More)
The aim of our study was to determine the frequency of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) phenotypes among the enterobacteria present in blood cultures of patients at admission to two university hospitals of Bamako (Mali). During a period of three months, we isolated enterobacteria from blood cultures from patients upon admission to the Point G and(More)
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