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Elaioconiosis is a work-related acneiform dermatosis which affects the exposed skin of individuals working with oils or greases. Its incidence has decreased with the introduction of personal protective equipment, personal hygiene measures and the cleaning of work clothes. Although not a rare disease, elaioconiosis is seldom reported in the literature,(More)
Elaioconiosis is a work-rela ted acnei form der ma to sis which affects the expo sed skin of indi vi duals wor king with oils or grea ses. Its inci den ce has decrea sed with the intro duc tion of per so nal pro tec ti ve equip ment, per so nal hygie ne mea su res and the clea ning of work clo thes. Although not a rare disea se, elaio co nio sis is sel dom(More)
Paracoccidioidomycosis is a highly prevalent systemic mycosis in Brazil. The primary cutaneous form is rare and occurs in the absence of pulmonary involvement. Lesions located in the distal regions of the lower limbs are not uncommon and particularly in the feet may go unnoticed or even be confused with infectious or neoplastic lesions of different(More)
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