Nanae Yaginuma

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The percentile volumes vA, vB and vD of A, B and D cells in the islets of Langerhans were histometrically estimated in the pancreases from 59 autopsy cases including maturity- and growth-onset diabetics and nondiabetics. Volumetry was performed microscopically by point counting method using a square-lattice eyepiece, then the total A, B and D cell volumes(More)
Liver X receptors (LXRs) contribute not only to maintain cholesterol homeostasis but also to control cell growth. However, the molecular mechanisms behind the LXR-mediated anti-proliferative effects are largely unknown. Here we show, by immunohistochemistry, that LXRα and LXRβ are differentially distributed in oral stratified squamous epithelia. By(More)
To investigate the effect of haloperidol (HAL) on second messengers in the brain striatum, the concentrations of cAMP and inositol trisphosphate (IP-3) were measured in the striatum of rats in vivo after intravenous administration of HAL, and their concentrations were compared with the severity of catalepsy and changes in dopamine (DA) metabolism in the(More)
Dieulafoy's ulcer often develops unmanageable severe gastrointestinal hemorrhage and sometimes takes a fatal course. In the past surgical operations were considered to be the only life-saving measure for this lesion. Since 1979, 46 lesions of Dieulafoy's ulcer in 45 cases with active bleeding from exposed blood vessels were treated during emergency(More)
Based on the concept of the "primary lobule" as the microcirculatory unit of human pancreas that we previously established (Yaginuma et al., submitted to Path Res Pract), ischemic injuries of this organ were microscopically screened over many autopsy cases and were classified according to the zone of the unit involved. The primary lobule was defined as a(More)
The 3-D relation between the lobules, terminal blood vessels and Langerhans islets of human pancreas was established by graphic reconstruction from serial histologic sections. The material included three pancreases obtained at autopsy. It was found that the lobule is an assembly of sublobular parenchymal units which have a terminal arteriole at the center.(More)
Quantitative changes of the pancreatic islets in diabetes mellitus were analyzed by a stereological method. 26 maturity-onset and 5 growth-onset diabetics, and 37 nondiabetics including 9 hypertensives were selected from autopsy materials and the pancreases were subjected to histometry. The total islet volume Vi was 0.974 cm3 in the control, whereas it was(More)