Nana Zhu

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Cellular DNA-dependent RNA polymerase II (pol II) has been postulated to carry out RNA-dependent RNA replication and transcription of hepatitis delta virus (HDV) RNA, generating a full-length (1.7-kb) RNA genome and a subgenomic-length (0.8-kb) mRNA. However, the supporting evidence for this hypothesis was ambiguous because the previous experiments relied(More)
miR-139-5p was identified to be significantly down-regulated in colon tumor tissues by miRNA array. We aimed to clarify its biological function, molecular mechanisms and direct target gene in colorectal cancer (CRC). The biological function of miR-139-5p was examined by cell growth, cell cycle and apoptosis analysis in vitro and in vivo. miR-139-5p target(More)
Word mismatch is a fundamental issue in the field of information retrieval. To address this problem, one of the major approaches is query formulation. Previous work mainly focused on the study of synonym based term replacement and the query paraphrasing. However, the word level replacement overlooked the context of terms and the query level paraphrasing(More)
More and more towns in the states have installed central traffic managing software (ATMS). ATMS can not only enable traffic engineers to remotely access controllers but also enable them to collect more data than ever. How to better utilize these data to improve the performance of traffic signals has been a topic receiving wide interest in the signal(More)
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