Nana Yaa A Baffour-Awuah

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The intestinal epithelium is maintained by a population of rapidly cycling (Lgr5(+)) intestinal stem cells (ISCs). It has been postulated, however, that slowly cycling ISCs must also be present in the intestine to protect the genome from accumulating deleterious mutations and to allow for a response to tissue injury. Here, we identify a subpopulation of(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS GATA transcription factors regulate proliferation, differentiation, and gene expression in multiple organs. GATA4 is expressed in the proximal 85% of the small intestine and regulates the jejunal-ileal gradient in absorptive enterocyte gene expression. GATA6 is co-expressed with GATA4 but also is expressed in the ileum; its function in the(More)
OBJECTIVES Recent data from mainly homogeneous European and African populations implicate a 140-bp region 5' to the transcriptional start site of LCT (the lactase gene) as a regulatory site for lactase persistence and nonpersistence. Because there are no studies of US nonhomogeneous populations, we performed genotype/phenotype analysis of the -13910 and(More)
The regulation of human intestinal lactase-phlorizin hydrolase remains incompletely understood. One kb of pig and 2 kb of rat 5′-flanking sequence controls correct tissue, cell, topographic, and villus LCT expression. To gain insight into human LCT expression, transgenic mouse lines were generated from 3.3 kb of human LPH 5′ flanking sequence from a lactase(More)
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