Nana Wei

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Structural studies of turnip crinkle virus have been extended to include the identification of high-affinity coat protein binding sites on the RNA genome. Virus was dissociated at elevated pH and ionic strength, and a ribonucleoprotein complex (rp-complex) was isolated by chromatography on Sephacryl S-200. Genomic RNA fragments in the rp-complex, resistant(More)
Newcastle disease virus (NDV) causes large losses in the global fowl industry. To better understand NDV replication and transcription cycle, quantitative detection methods for distinguishing NDV genomic RNA (gRNA), antigenomic RNA (cRNA), and messenger RNA (mRNA) in NDV-infected cells are indispensible. Three reverse transcription primers were designed to(More)
The virulent class I Newcastle disease virus (NDV) variant 9a5b was generated from a nonvirulent NDV isolate Goose/Alaska/415/91 via nine consecutive passages in the chicken air sac, followed by five passages in the chick brain. The evolutionary mechanism of virulence in the class I NDV isolate is not fully understood. To elucidate this evolutionary(More)
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