Nana Takenouchi

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BACKGROUND Recently reported normal values for esophageal motility obtained by high-resolution manometry (HRM) using a system with a Unisensor catheter were significantly different from those obtained by the ManoScan(®) , which could result in a wrong diagnosis. To clarify whether these differences were due to system or subject differences, we compared the(More)
A 33-year-old man was operated for the mediastinal schwannoma. During the operation, the 9 th intercostal nerve was avulsed and revealed liquorrhea. Lyodura and fibrin glue was applied for sealing the site of dural defect. But post-operative course was not successful. So, we used the external cerebrospinal fluid drainage system. After this procedure,(More)
Case 1. A 61-year-old male, suffering from an anorectal tumor with anal bleeding, underwent an abdominoperineal rectal amputation with an R3 lymphadenectomy. The tumor was a Stage I (H0, P0, N0, S0) malignant melanoma. Despite DAV (DTIC, ACNU, and VCR) therapy, liver metastasis was detected 1 year later and the patient died 1.5 years after the operation.(More)
A 59-year-old man was hospitalized for rectal bleeding. Barium enema and proctoscopy revealed an elevated tumor, completely stenosing the rectum. The microscopic features of the specimens obtained by proctoscopic biopsy of the tumor comprised aggregations of histiocytes with intracytoplasmic inclusions (von Hansemann cells and Michaelis-Gutmann bodies).(More)
BACKGROUND Various mechanisms have been suggested to be responsible for contributing to the occurrence of proton pump inhibitor (PPI)-resistant non-erosive reflux disease (NERD). The aims of this study were to clarify the pathogenesis of PPI-resistant NERD. METHODS Fifty-three patients with NERD, who had persistent reflux symptoms despite taking(More)
Acotiamide is a new drug that exhibits prokinetic activity by enhancing the release of acetylcholine. However, its effects on esophageal motility currently remain unknown. Therefore, we herein investigated the effects of acotiamide on esophageal motility in healthy, asymptomatic subjects. Thirty healthy subjects received 100 mg of acotiamide or placebo(More)
Postoperative bronchopleural fistula has been the most troublesome complications in the thoracic surgery. In this report, we presented a case of bronchopleural fistula successfully closed by omentopexy. A 51-year-old man had undergone left upper lobectomy and S6 segmentectomy for primary lung cancer. Bronchopleural fistula due to postoperative pneumonia was(More)
BACKGROUND Vonoprazan (VPZ) is a novel potassium-competitive acid blocker that may be clinically beneficial for proton pump inhibitor (PPI)-resistant reflux esophagitis (RE). The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacies of VPZ therapy at 20 mg for 4 weeks in patients with PPI-resistant RE and VPZ maintenance therapy at 10 mg for 8 weeks in(More)
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