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Some familial cases of pityriasis rubra pilaris (PRP) have the CARD14 gene mutations that are also detected in familial psoriasis vulgaris. However, genotype-phenotype correlation in these two entities is poorly understood. Here, we report a case of PRP with a new mutation in CARD14. Genomic analysis of a 40-year-old female patient with sporadic PRP type V(More)
The incidence of canine rabies has been widely reported in Brazil, and new rabies virus (RV) variants, genetically similar to canine RV, have recently been isolated from foxes. In order to derive the epidemiological characteristics of Brazilian Carnivora RV, Brazilian RVs isolated from dogs, cats, and foxes were genetically analyzed. Brazilian Carnivora RV(More)
Dissolving microneedles (DMs) were applied to lidocaine for local anesthesia of the skin. Three DM array chips were prepared where lidocaine was localized at the acral portion of DMs (type 1), loaded in whole DMs (type 2), and lidocaine was loaded both in whole DMs and the chip (type 3). DM chips were 15-mm diameter with 225 DMs, each 500-μm long with a(More)
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