Nana Hashimoto

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We assessed the utility of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and small insertion/deletion polymorphisms (InDels) as DNA markers in genetic analysis and breeding of rice. Toward this end, we surveyed SNPs and InDels in the chromosomal region containing the Piz and Piz-t rice blast resistance genes and developed PCR-based markers for typing the SNPs.(More)
Three flavonol glycosides were isolated from the leaves of Primula sieboldii. They were identified as quercetin 3-O-β-[xylopyranosyl-(1-->2)-β- glucopyranosyl-(1-->6)-β-glucopyranoside] (1), kaempferol 3-O-β-[glucopyranosyl-(1-->2)-β-glucopyranosyl-(1-->6)-β-glucopyranoside] (2) and kaempferol 3-(More)
Martensitic steels are considered for structural applications for fusion power plants, but they are limited by strength to operating temperatures below 550-600degC. For increased plant efficiency, steels for >650degC service are sought. Based on the science of precipitate strengthening, a thermomechanical treatment (TMT) was developed that respectively(More)
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