Nan-nan Liu

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SMAD4 is a downstream mediator of transforming growth factor beta. While its tumor suppressor function has been investigated as a prognostic biomarker in several human malignancies, its role as a prognostic marker in breast carcinoma is still undefined. We investigated SMAD4 expression in breast carcinoma samples of different histologic grades to evaluate(More)
After the compositional change of a pullulan production medium, a molecular weight (Mw) of the pullulan produced by Aureobasidium melanogenum P16 was 2.32×106 and a pullulan titer was 44.4g/L while a Mw of the pullulan produced by A. melanogenum P16 grown in the initial medium was only 3.47×105 and a pullulan titer was 65.3g/L. The increased Mw of the(More)
The yeast strain XJ5-1 isolated from the Taklimakan desert soil was identified to be a strain of Aureobasdium melanogenum and could produce a large amount of melanin when it was grown in the PDA medium, but its melanin biosynthesis and expression of the PKS gene responsible for the melanin biosynthesis was significantly repressed in the presence of(More)
In this study, one of the glucosyltransferase genes for pullulan production was cloned from Aureobasidum melanogenum P16 and charaterized. It was found that the UGT1 gene had 4774bp with four introns (47, 52, 54 and 46bp). The N-terminal part of the protein displayed a conserved sequence controlling both sugar donor and accepter for substrate specificity(More)
In this study, in order to directly and efficiently convert inulin into pullulan, the INU1 gene from Kluyveromyces maximum KM was integrated into the genomic DNA and actively expressed in the high pullulan producer Aureobasidium melanogenum P16 isolated from the mangrove ecosystem. After the ability to produce pullulan from inulin by different transformants(More)
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