Nan-jing Huang

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Equilibrium problems theory provides us with a unified, natural, innovative, and general framework to study a wide class of problems arising in finance, economics, network analysis, transportation, elasticity, and optimization, which has been extended and generalized in many directions using novel and innovative techniques; see 1–8 . Inspired and motivated(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new class of monotone operators––H -monotone operators. The resolvent operator associated with an H -monotone operator is defined and its Lipschitz continuity is presented. We also introduce and study a new class of variational inclusions involving H -monotone operators and construct a new algorithm for solving this class of(More)
In this work, we study some existence results for solutions for a class of strong vector variational inequalities (for short, SVVI) in Banach spaces. The solvability of the SVVI without monotonicity is presented by using the fixed point theorems of Brouwer and Browder, respectively. The solvability of the SVVI with monotonicity is also proved by using the(More)