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Sorting is a kernel algorithm for a wide range of applications. We present a new algorithm, GPU-Warpsort, to perform comparison-based parallel sort on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). It mainly consists of a bitonic sort followed by a merge sort. Our algorithm achieves high performance by efficiently mapping the sorting tasks to GPU architectures. Firstly,(More)
Moore's law will grant computer architects ever more transistors for the foreseeable future, and the challenge is how to use them to deliver efficient performance and flexible programmability. We propose a many-core architecture, Godson-T, to attack this challenge. On the one hand, Godson-T features a region-based cache coherence protocol, asynchronous data(More)
The synchronization between threads has serious impact on the performance of many-core architecture. When communication is frequent, coarse-grained synchronization brings significant overhead. Thus, coarse-grained synchronization is not suitable for this situation. However, the overhead of fine-grained synchronization is still small when the communication(More)
Moore's Law suggests that the number of processing cores on a single chip increases exponentially. The future performance increases will be mainly extracted from thread-level parallelism exploited by multi/many-core processors (MCP). Therefore, it is necessary to find out how to build the MCP hardware and how to program the paral-lelism on such MCP. In this(More)
Computer architectures make a dramatic turn away from improving single-processor performance towards improved parallel performance through integrating many cores in one chip. However, providing directory based coherence protocols for these platforms is too complex and expensive. As a substitute, we propose a synchronization based cache coherence solution,(More)
Location consistency (LC) is a weak memory consistency model which is defined entirely on partial order execution semantics of parallel programs. Compared with sequential consistency (SC), LC is scalable and provides ample theoretical parallelism. This makes LC an interesting memory model in the upcoming many-core parallel processing era. Previous work has(More)
A novel type of aqueous fluorescent carbon dot (CD) was synthesized using citric acid as the only carbon source via an ammonium hydroxide modulated method, providing a blue color gamut. The amino group is considered to be the key factor in the high fluorescence of CDs and a model is established to investigate the mechanism of fluorescence. In addition,(More)
On-chip many-core architecture is an emerging and promising computation platform. High speed on-chip communication and abundant chipped resources are two outstanding advantages of this architecture, which provide an opportunity to implement efficient synchronization scheme. The practical execution efficiency of synchronization scheme is critical to this(More)