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Sorting is a kernel algorithm for a wide range of applications. In this paper, we present a new algorithm, GPU-Warpsort, to perform comparison-based parallel sort on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). It mainly consists of a bitonic sort followed by a merge sort. Our algorithm achieves high performance by efficiently mapping the sorting tasks to GPU(More)
Moore's law will grant computer architects ever more transistors for the foreseeable future, and the challenge is how to use them to deliver efficient performance and flexible programmability. We propose a many-core architecture, Godson-T, to attack this challenge. On the one hand, Godson-T features a region-based cache coherence protocol, asynchronous data(More)
Moore's Law suggests that the number of processing cores on a single chip increases exponentially. The future performance increases will be mainly extracted from thread-level parallelism exploited by multi/many-core processors (MCP). Therefore, it is necessary to find out how to build the MCP hardware and how to program the paral-lelism on such MCP. In this(More)