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BACKGROUND Comparative analysis of RNA sequences is the basis for the detailed and accurate predictions of RNA structure and the determination of phylogenetic relationships for organisms that span the entire phylogenetic tree. Underlying these accomplishments are very large, well-organized, and processed collections of RNA sequences. This data, starting(More)
Cotton (Gossypium spp) plants produce seed trichomes (cotton fibers) that are an important commodity worldwide; however, genes controlling cotton fiber development have not been characterized. In Arabidopsis thaliana the MYB gene GLABRA1 (GL1) is a central regulator of trichome development. Here, we show that promoter of a cotton fiber gene, RD22-like1(More)
The primary function of a suspension system of a vehicle is to isolate the road excitations experienced by the tires from being transmitted to the passengers. In this project report, we formulate an optimal vehicle suspension design problem with the quarter-car vehicle dynamic model. The two objectives of the optimization are: 1. Minimize the maximum(More)
Editorial note The original article [1] can be viewed at .. Correction In addition to the previously noted sources of funding for this project, the CRW project is also supported from the National Science Foundation (MCB-0110252). Verbatim copying and redistribution of this article are permitted in any medium for any purpose, provided this notice is(More)
DNA microarrays have been widely used in gene expression analysis of biological processes. Due to a lack of sequence information, the applications have been largely restricted to humans and a few model organisms. Presented within this study are results of the cross-species hybridization with Affymetrix human high-density oligonucleotide arrays or GeneChip(More)
We demonstrate optical frequency combs using the fluorite whispering gallery mode resonator as a nonlinear Kerr medium. Two regimes of generation are observed, giving the record low repetition rate of 13 GHz, equal to the cavity's free spectral range (FSR) or high repetition rates of multiples of cavity FSR. An intermediate regime was also observed. Raman(More)
Energy Efficient Building (EEB) design requires many simulation tools to support making decisions for optimized building solutions, resulting in frequent interactions between computational tools. Building Information Modeling (BIM) server platforms can support the storage, maintenance, and query of IFC-based building information models. However, the lack of(More)