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We deleted the hypoxia-responsive transcription factor HIF-1alpha in endothelial cells (EC) to determine its role during neovascularization. We found that loss of HIF-1alpha inhibits a number of important parameters of EC behavior during angiogenesis: these include proliferation, chemotaxis, extracellular matrix penetration, and wound healing. Most(More)
A variety of integrity constraints have been studied for data cleaning. While these constraints can detect the presence of errors, they fall short of guiding us to correct the errors. Indeed, data repairing based on these constraints may not find certain fixes that are guaranteed correct, and worse still, may even introduce new errors when attempting to(More)
The biosynthesis of the antibiotic epsilon-poly-lysine (ε-PL) in Streptomyces albulus is performed by polylysine synthase (pls); however, the regulatory mechanism of this process is still unknown. Here, we first obtained the complete genome sequence of S. albulus ZPM, which consists of 9,784,577 bp and has a GC content of 72.2%. The genome houses 44 gene(More)
BACKGROUND MicroRNA-21 (miR-21) plays an important role in the pathogenesis and progression of liver fibrosis. Here, we determined the serum and hepatic content of miR-21 in patients with liver cirrhosis and rats with dimethylnitrosamine-induced hepatic cirrhosis and examined the effects of miR-21 on SPRY2 and HNF4α in modulating ERK1 signaling in hepatic(More)
Lilium pumilum DC. is a valuable species not only for its showy flowers but also for its edible and medicinal values. As one of the distribution areas of L. pumilum, Qinghai–Tibet plateau has unique environmental features which have high impact on the evolution of the species. No population genetic studies have been done for L. pumilum so far. To provide(More)
Replicating circular RNAs are independent plant pathogens known as viroids, or act to modulate the pathogenesis of plant and animal viruses as their satellite RNAs. The rate of discovery of these subviral pathogens was low over the past 40 years because the classical approaches are technical demanding and time-consuming. We previously described an approach(More)
Inequality joins, which is to join relations with inequality conditions, are used in various applications. Optimizing joins has been the subject of intensive research ranging from efficient join algorithms such as sort-merge join, to the use of efficient indices such as $$B^+$$ B + -tree, $$R^*$$ R ∗ -tree and Bitmap. However, inequality joins have received(More)
In Northwest China, aridification and desert expansion play significant roles in promoting desert plant diversification and speciation. However, to date, little is known about the effects of the desert barrier on the population structure of montane, non-desert species in the area. In this study, we sequenced chloroplast DNA regions (trnL-trnF and trnS-trnG)(More)
The world is fast moving towards a data-driven society where data is the most valuable asset. Organizations need to perform very diverse analytic tasks using various data processing platforms. In doing so, they face many challenges; chiefly, platform dependence, poor interoperability, and poor performance when using multiple platforms. We present RHEEM, our(More)
Fusarium oxysporum is a major problem in the production of tulip bulbs. Breeding for resistant cultivars through a conventional approach is a slow process due to the long life cycle of tulip. Until now, marker-assisted selection (MAS) has been hampered by the large genome size and the absence of a genetic map. This study is aimed at construction of the(More)