Nan Tang

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Social news are becoming increasingly popular. News organizations and popular journalists are starting to use social media more and more heavily for broadcasting news. The major challenge in social news clustering lies in the fact that textual content is only a headline, which is much shorter than the fulltext. Previous works showed that the bi-term topic(More)
We prove the existence of uniform attractors for the non-autonomous reaction diffusion equation ut − ∆u + f (x, u) + λu = g(t, x) on R N , where the external force g is translation bounded and the nonlinearity f satisfies a polynomial growth condition. Also, we prove the upper semi-continuity of uniform attractors with respect to the nonlinearity.
Carbon plasma nanocoatings with controlled fraction of sp(3)-C bonding were deposited on TiO2 nanorod arrays (TNAs) by DC magnetic-filtered cathodic vacuum arc deposition (FCVAD). The cytocompatibility of TNA/carbon nanocomposites was systematically investigated. Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) were cultured on the nanocomposites for 4, 24,(More)
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