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OBJECTIVE Knowledge about protein-protein interactions (PPIs) unveils the molecular mechanisms of biological processes. The volume and content of published biomedical literature on protein interactions is expanding rapidly, making it increasingly difficult for interaction database administrators, responsible for content input and maintenance to detect and(More)
Protein complexes are important for understanding principles of cellular organization and function. High-throughput experimental techniques have produced a large amount of protein interactions, making it possible to predict protein complexes from protein -protein interaction networks. However, most of current methods are unsupervised learning based methods(More)
There is a clear non-linear characteristic of friction torque to the control axis on stable platform control system. Based on the structure of this system, the article establishes the basic model of the control system and the disk valve model of friction torque. For the non-linear friction torque, integral sliding mode controller was designed, and an(More)
The existence of non-linear characteristic of friction torque to the control axis can not be ignored in rotary steering drilling steady platform control. The causes producing friction torque in steady platform control system were analyzed step by step based on the structure of the system. The theoretical derivation and numerical analysis were performed on(More)
This paper presents the mathematical model for multi-stage distribution substation planning. In order to decide the substation-planning scheme in each stage simultaneously, this work put forward a new method for getting initial feasible solution. The initial feasible solution makes load points in every stage into consideration by classifying new substations(More)
Hopfield neural network is utilized to enhance x-ray image of thick steel pipe welding, and a gray mapping matrix is constructed to replace traditional gray transformation curves and functions in this paper. The maximum dimension of the gray mapping matrix is 256 256, so the calculation time has little relation with the size of the image. The criterion(More)
The paper segment x-ray images of steel pipe welding to assess the quality of welding. Image segmentation is posed as an optimization problem, and is correlated with the energy function of the multistage Hopfield neural network. The algorithm for optimization and the principle of selecting coefficient are also given. The algorithm is easy to be programmed.(More)
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