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This paper described a view about using remote robots in Community-centric Systems. However, the interaction of a complete community is extremely complicated. In this study, we focus on single part of case in the community: In community, people have same hobby are likely to play and discuss together. But people who have uncommon hobbies are difficulty(More)
In this paper, we demonstrate the application of Fuzzy Markup Language (FML) to construct an FMLbased Dynamic Assessment Agent (FDAA), and we present an FML-based Human–Machine Cooperative System (FHMCS) for the game of Go. The proposed FDAA comprises an intelligent decision-making and learning mechanism, an intelligent game bot, a proximal development(More)
Fuzzy Markup Language (FML) presented by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) has been an IEEE Standard since May 2016. It is an XML-based language for designer to easily construct the knowledge base and rule base of the developed fuzzy logic system. In this paper, we propose an FML-based linguistic classification agent and apply it to popular(More)
It has always been a big issue to provide better service at public area. One of the issues is the indoor positioning service. In this paper, we propose an indoor positioning and monitoring system based on the application of personal smart devices and iBeacon technology. Aiming at high accuracy positioning, we proposed optimal iBeacon nodes placement through(More)
In this paper, we present a summarization agent based on Fuzzy Markup Language (FML) and its application for meeting schedule data analysis. The knowledge base and rule base of FML are constructed by referring the meeting schedule ontology of Research & Development (R&D) office in National University of Tainan (NUTN) from Jan. 2011 to Jul. 2015. We(More)
In this paper, we present a robotic prediction agent including a darkforest Go engine, a fuzzy markup language (FML) assessment engine, an FML-based decision support engine, and a robot engine for game of Go application. The knowledge base and rule base of FML assessment engine are constructed by referring the information from the darkforest Go engine(More)
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