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—The PERCS system was designed by IBM in response to a DARPA challenge that called for a high-productivity high-performance computing system. A major innovation in the PERCS design is the network that is built using Hub chips that are integrated into the compute nodes. Each Hub chip is about 580 mm 2 in size, has over 3700 signal I/Os, and is packaged in a(More)
Switch design for interconnection networks plays an important role in the overall performance of multiprocessors and computer networks. In this paper, a new switch design, namely FC-CB, is proposed that offers low average message latency and high throughput over a wide range of input workloads. The FC-CB switch incorporates wormhole routing and virtual(More)
— Input buffered switch architecture has become attractive for implementing high performance switches for workstation clusters whose expanding use sees an increasing need for quality of service. It is challenging to provide a scheduling technique that is both highly efficient and fair in resource allocation. In this paper, we first introduce an iterative(More)
The switch design for interconnection networks plays an important role in the overall performance of multiproces-sors and computer networks. It is therefore crucial to study various factors in the switch design space and their influence on the system performance. In this paper we first propose a 4-D framework for the design of input queuing switches with(More)
In order to avoid the complex adjustment of scaling factor and quantization factor in the design of fuzzy controller and the shortcomings that the fuzzy control rules can not be changed once identified, a fuzzy controller with self-optimizing rules is adopted . Particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is used to optimize the parameters of fuzzy(More)
This paper presents a low-profile low-parasitic RF package by using the high-density build-up (HD-BU) technology. This package achieves much thinner, fine pitch, and exposed design pattern feature for outstanding electrical and thermal performance. The packaging fabrication is simple and only needs several processes. This HD-BU package provides lower(More)