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The paper attempts to provide an alternative method for measuring the importance of scientific papers based on the Google's PageRank. The method is a meaningful extension of the common integer counting of citations and is then experimented for bringing PageRank to the citation analysis in a large citation network. It offers a more integrated picture of the(More)
  • Q.Richard Lu, Tao Sun, Zhimin Zhu, Nan Ma, Meritxell Garcia, Charles D. Stiles +1 other
  • 2002
The oligodendrocyte lineage genes Olig1 and Olig2 encode related bHLH proteins that are coexpressed in neural progenitors. Targeted disruption of these two genes sheds light on the ontogeny of oligodendroglia and genetic requirements for their development from multipotent CNS progenitors. Olig2 is required for oligodendrocyte and motor neuron specification(More)
— A two-terminal interactive distributed source coding problem with alternating messages is studied. The focus is on function computation at both locations with a probability which tends to one as the blocklength tends to infinity. A single-letter characterization of the rate region is provided. It is observed that interaction is useless (in terms of the(More)
  • Ralf Gaebel, Dario Furlani, Heiko Sorg, Bianca Polchow, Johannes Frank, Karen Bieback +6 others
  • 2011
The possible different therapeutic efficacy of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) derived from umbilical cord blood (CB), adipose tissue (AT) or bone marrow (BM) for the treatment of myocardial infarction (MI) remains unexplored. This study was to assess the regenerative potential of hMSC from different origins and to evaluate the role of CD105 in cardiac(More)
TPX2 is a Ran-regulated spindle assembly factor that is required for kinetochore fiber formation and activation of the mitotic kinase Aurora A. TPX2 is enriched near spindle poles and is required near kinetochores, suggesting that it undergoes dynamic relocalization throughout mitosis. Using photoactivation, we measured the movement of PA-GFP-TPX2 in the(More)
—We study the limits of communication efficiency for function computation in collocated networks within the framework of multi-terminal block source coding theory. With the goal of computing a desired function of sources at a sink, nodes interact with each other through a sequence of error-free, network-wide broadcasts of finite-rate messages. For any(More)
Trust between users is an important piece of knowledge that can be exploited in search and recommendation.Given that user-supplied trust relationships are usually very sparse, we study the prediction of trust relationships using user interaction features in an online user generated review application context. We show that trust relationship prediction can(More)
—A problem of interactive function computation in a collocated network is studied in a distributed block source coding framework. With the goal of computing samples of a desired function of sources at the sink, the source nodes exchange messages through a sequence of error-free broadcasts. For any function of independent sources, a computable(More)