Nan Lv

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Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized clinically by memory and cognitive dysfunction. Unfortunately, there is no effective therapeutic method for AD treatment or ways to halt disease progression. Many mechanisms are involved in the disease, including genes mutation and protein dysfunction. RNA interference (RNAi)(More)
In this paper, we put forward a fast simplification method for the terrain model by integrating the discrete particle swarm optimization with the hierarchical structure. In this method, each particle is represented as a hierarchical structure and corresponds to a candidate solution of the simplified terrain model. In order to acquire an optimal simplified(More)
PURPOSE Flow diverters (FD) are increasingly being considered for treating large or giant wide-neck aneurysms. Clinical outcome is highly variable and depends on the type of aneurysm, the flow diverting device and treatment strategies. The objective of this study was to analyze the effect of different flow diverting strategies together with parent artery(More)
Vasohibin‑2 (VASH2) is an angiogenic factor, and has been previously reported to be a cancer‑related gene, with cytoplasmic and karyotypic forms. In the current study VASH2 expression in human breast cancer tissue and adjacent non‑cancerous tissue was investigated with immunohistochemistry. MCF‑7 and BT474 human breast cancer cells were transfected with(More)
BACKGROUND Silicone oil, as a major component in conditioner, is beneficial in the moisture preservation and lubrication of hair. However, it is difficult for silicone oil to directly absorb on the hair surface because of its hydrophobicity. Stable nanoemulsions containing silicone oil may present as a potential solution to this problem. METHODS Silicone(More)
This paper presents a fast method to construct the simplified terrain model with the multi-resolution. In this method, we adopt the normal quad-tree hierarchy to subdivide the original terrain surface into the multiresolution levels. For the sake of implementing the compressive storage and the efficient index for the elevation data, a connotative hierarchy(More)
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