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Model-based testers design tests in terms of models, such as paths in graphs. Abstract tests cannot be run directly because they use names and events that exist in the model, but not the implementation. Testers usually solve this mapping problem by hand. Model elements often appear in many abstract tests, so testers write the same redundant code many times.(More)
The multi-period repetitive control system is a type of servomechanism for periodic reference input. Even if the plant does not include time-delay, the transfer function from the reference input to the output and that from the disturbance to the output of the multi-period repetitive control system generally have an infinite number of poles. In order to(More)
In this paper, we propose a method to analyze the longitudinal dynamics of heterogeneous connected vehicle systems including human-driven vehicles and vehicles driven by connected cruise control. Human reaction time and digital sampling time are incorporated in the models. Conditions of plant stability and head-to-tail string stability are presented.
Hierarchical task networks provide an efficient way to encode user prescriptions about what constitute good plans using component methods. However, manual construction of these methods is complex and time consuming. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to learning probabilistic hierarchical task networks that capture the user preference by examining(More)
This paper addresses a hybrid neural-PID control scheme to nonlinear system for real-time robotic visual tracking of a moving object. By using the motion rules of the CCD camera and the object, the equations of observation and state-space are given. Then, the system can be represented as an MIMO ARMAX model and an efficient estimation model. The adaptive(More)
In this paper, we present a framework for connected cruise control (CCC) design utilizing wireless vehicleto-vehicle (V2V) communication. We propose a sequential optimization approach to select the control parameters for the available communication links that allows graceful degradation of performance when certain links become unavailable. We apply the(More)
Autonomous driving has been the subject of increased interest in recent years both in industry and in academia. Serious efforts are being pursued to address legal, technical and logistical problems and make autonomous cars a viable option for everyday transportation. One significant challenge is the time and effort required for the verification and(More)
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