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—Accelerating multi-pattern matching is a critical issue in building high-performance deep packet inspection systems. Achieving high-throughputs while reducing both memory-usage and memory-bandwidth needs is inherently difficult. In this paper, we propose a pattern (string) matching algorithm that achieves high throughput while limiting both memory-usage(More)
In this paper, we present an exact active statistics counter architecture called BRICK (Bucketized Rank Indexed Counters) that can efficiently store per-flow variable-width statistics counters entirely in SRAM while supporting both fast updates and lookups (e.g., 40 Gb/s line rates). BRICK exploits statistical multiplexing by randomly bundling counters into(More)
—Bloom filter and its variants have found widespread use in many networking applications. For these applications, minimizing storage cost is paramount as these filters often need to be implemented using scarce and costly (on-chip) SRAM. Besides supporting membership queries, Bloom filters have been generalized to support deletions and the encoding of(More)
—We study error estimating codes with the goal of establishing better bounds for the theoretical and empirical overhead of such schemes. We explore the idea of using sketch data structures for this problem, and show that the tug-of-war sketch gives an asymptotically optimal solution. The optimality of our algorithms are proved using communication complexity(More)
Due to recent large-scale deployments of delay and loss-sensitive applications, there are increasingly stringent demands on the monitoring of service level agreement metrics. Although many end-to-end monitoring methods have been proposed, they are mainly based on active probing and thus inject measurement traffic into the network. In this paper, we propose(More)
Despite its importance in today's Internet, network measurement was not an integral part of the original Internet architecture , i.e., there was (and still is) little native support for many essential measurement tasks. Targeting the inadequacy of counting/accounting capabilities of existing routers, many data streaming and sketching techniques have been(More)
Continuous monitoring of human physiology and behavior in natural environments via unobtrusively wearable wireless sensors is witnessing rapid adoption in both consumer health-care and in scientific studies, since those portable and long-running devices can provide critical information for diagnosis and early prevention of disease, as well as invaluable(More)