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IMPORTANCE Noncommunicable chronic diseases have become the leading causes of mortality and disease burden worldwide. OBJECTIVE To investigate the prevalence of diabetes and glycemic control in the Chinese adult population. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS Using a complex, multistage, probability sampling design, we conducted a cross-sectional survey(More)
We conducted a genome-wide association study of gastric cancer and esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) in ethnic Chinese subjects in which we genotyped 551,152 SNPs. We report a combined analysis of 2,240 gastric cancer cases, 2,115 ESCC cases and 3,302 controls drawn from five studies. In logistic regression models adjusted for age, sex and study,(More)
As a digital version of word-of-mouth, online review has become a major information source for consumers and has very important implications for a wide range of management activities. While some researchers focus their studies on the impact of online product review on sales, an important assumption remains unexamined, that is, can online product review(More)
The role of genetics in male sexual orientation was investigated by pedigree and linkage analyses on 114 families of homosexual men. Increased rates of same-sex orientation were found in the maternal uncles and male cousins of these subjects, but not in their fathers or paternal relatives, suggesting the possibility of sex-linked transmission in a portion(More)
<b>Introduction</b> While product review systems that collect and disseminate opinions about products from recent buyers (Table 1) are valuable forms of word-of-mouth communication, evidence suggests that they are overwhelmingly positive. Kadet notes that most products receive almost five stars. Chevalier and Mayzlin also show that book reviews on Amazon(More)
PURPOSE Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) is an aggressive tumor with poor prognosis. Understanding molecular changes in ESCC will enable identification of molecular subtypes and provide potential targets for early detection and therapy. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN We followed up a previous array study with additional discovery and confirmatory studies in(More)
We have studied the posterior spiracles of Drosophila as a model to link patterning genes and morphogenesis. A genetic cascade of transcription factors downstream of the Hox gene Abdominal-B subdivides the primordia of the posterior spiracles into two cell populations that develop using two different morphogenetic mechanisms. The inner cells that give rise(More)
Almost 30 years after the introduction of the CIO position, the ideal CIO reporting structure (whether the CIO should report to the CEO or the CFO) is yet to be prescribed. There is an intuitive assumption among some proponents of IT that the CIO should always report to the CEO to emphasize the importance of IT in the firm and the clout of the CIO, while(More)
There is growing evidence that mild cognitive impairment in early AD (Alzheimer's disease) may be due to synaptic dysfunction caused by the accumulation of non-fibrillar, oligomeric Abeta (amyloid beta-peptide), long before widespread synaptic loss and neurodegeneration occurs. Soluble Abeta oligomers can rapidly disrupt synaptic memory mechanisms at(More)
Batch fermentative production of 2,3-butanediol by Klebsiella oxytoca was investigated using various oxygen supply methods though varying agitation speed. Based on the analysis of three kinetic parameters including specific cell growth rate (micro), specific glucose consumption rate (q(s)) and specific 2,3-butanediol formation rate (q(p)), a two-stage(More)