Namyr A Martinez

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Damage to the CNS can cause a differential spatio-temporal release of multiple factors, such as nucleotides, ATP and UTP. The latter interact with neuronal and glial nucleotide receptors. The P2Y2 nucleotide receptor (P2Y2R) has gained prominence as a modulator of gliotic responses after CNS injury. Still, the molecular mechanisms underlying these responses(More)
SorLA is an established sorting and trafficking protein in neurons with demonstrated relevance to Alzheimer’s disease (AD). It shares these roles with the caveolins, markers of membrane rafts microdomains. To further our knowledge on sorLA’s expression and traffic, we studied sorLA expression in various cultured glia and its relation to caveolin-1 (cav-1),(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the profile of the average organ non-donor, compare it to that of the average donor, and identify characteristics that predict the likelihood that a given individual will be a non-donor. METHODS The charts of 397 consenting potential organ donors of LifeLink of Puerto Rico from 2009 through 2011 were reviewed. Data regarding gender,(More)
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