Namyong Park

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The Gaussian Q-function is the integral of the tail of the Gaussian distribution; as such, it is important across a vast range of fields requiring stochastic analysis. No elementary closed form is possible, so a number of approximations have been proposed. We use a Genetic Programming (GP) system, Tree Adjoining Grammar Guided GP (TAG3P) with local search(More)
A 4-year-old female Barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia) was found dead in the Gwangju Uchi Park Zoo. The animal had previously exhibited weakness and lethargy, but no signs of diarrhea. The carcass was emaciated upon presentation. The main gross lesion was characterized by severe serous atrophy of the fat tissues of the coronary and left ventricular grooves,(More)
Many real-world data are naturally represented as tensors, or multi-dimensional arrays. Tensor decomposition is an important tool to analyze tensors for various applications such as latent concept discovery, trend analysis, clustering, and anomaly detection. However, existing tools for tensor analysis do not scale well for billion-scale tensors or offer(More)
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