Namusale Chama

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Penile size is a considerable concern for men of all ages. Herein, we review the data on penile size and conditions that will result in penile shortening. Penile augmentation procedures are discussed, including indications, procedures and complications of penile lengthening procedures, penile girth enhancement procedures and penile skin reconstruction.
This paper is focused on a discussion of parameters and heuristics that are expected to assist multihop routing in becoming more sensitive to node mobility. We provide a discussion concerning existing and a few proposed parameters. Moreover, the work also discusses two new heuristics based on the notion of link duration. The heuristics are compared based on(More)
This paper presents a summary of work aimed at making current multihop routing in mobile ad hoc networks more sensitive to node mobility and ultimately improve routing performance in the face of node mobility. We discuss the various existing mobility tracking parameters, how they capture node mobility and also their shortfalls. We propose some mobility(More)
Node mobility affects routing in terms of robustness and efficiency, as it may lead to frequent link breaks that are not always automatically detected at a protocolar level. In user-centric environments, nodes are characterized by dynamic mobility behavior because they are devices carried or controlled by humans. We propose routing metrics aimed at making(More)
This paper proposes and validates a new category of routing metrics which assist current multihop routing protocols in becoming more sensitive to node movement and, as a consequence, increase the protocol robustness. The proposed metrics are based on the notion of time-based link stability. The paper discusses the metrics formulation and provides their(More)
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