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Epithelial-mesenchymal interactions and extracellular matrix remodeling are key processes of embryonic lung development. Lung smooth muscle cells, which are derived from the mesenchyme, form a sheath around bronchi and blood vessels. During lung organogenesis, smooth muscle differentiation coincides with epithelial branching morphogenesis and closely(More)
This paper discusses a real-time digital signal processor (DSP)-based hierarchical neural network classifier capable of classifying both analog and digital modulation signals. A high-performance DSP processor, namely the TMS320C6701, is utilized to implement different kinds of classifiers including a hierarchical neural network classifier. A total of 31(More)
Epithelial-mesenchymal interactions are essential for tissue patterning during organogenesis. Distal lung epithelium and its adjacent mesenchyme comprise the epithelial-mesenchymal signaling unit that regulates lung branching morphogenesis. Tissue recombination experiments have demonstrated the importance of mesenchymal signals in inducing lung epithelial(More)
Auto white balancing (AWB) involves the process of making white colors to appear as white under different illuminants in digital imaging products such as digital still cameras. This paper presents a computationally efficient auto white balancing algorithm for real-time deployment in imaging products. The algorithm utilizes DWT (discrete wavelet transform)(More)
In digital cameras, the process of making white colors to appear as white under different illuminants is referred to as auto white balancing. This paper presents an auto white balancing algorithm, named discrete wavelet transform (DWT)-based scoring, which is computationally much more efficient than the original auto white balancing scoring algorithm. Its(More)
Amphiphilic, Fe(4)S(4) cluster core dendrimers can be prepared via ligand exchange with dendrons containing carboxylic acid peripheral groups and a thiol focal group. These amphiphilic dendrons are more susceptible to oxidative disulfide formation than their non-amphiphilic analogues reported previously. Thus, an in situ deprotection of an aromatic(More)
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