Namita Kumar

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One possible explanation for why delusions persist despite the awareness of contradictory information is that the new information fails to be integrated. Interestingly, the amplitude of the N400 event-related brain potential (ERP) has been proposed as an index of the integration of information that is discrepant with expectancies whatever the task in which(More)
Thought disorder is a hallmark symptom of schizophrenia, which often leads to deficits in social functioning. Some aspects of this cognitive dysfunction are the result of abnormal characteristics in the semantic processes of patients. These abnormalities exist not only at the discourse production level, but at the discourse comprehension level as well. The(More)
The deficit in semantic processing observed in schizophrenia patients may be due 1) to a 'genuine' deficit in processing new semantic information and 2) to a deficit in the ability to process and maintain the context in which the new semantic information has to be integrated. In a previous study, we designed a paradigm to study only the processing of new(More)
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