Namita Bhagat

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BACKGROUND A population-based case control study was performed to determine the associations of Pro12Ala polymorphism in peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ (PPARG) and Gly308Ala polymorphism in tumor necrosis factor-α (TNFA) genes in obese subjects. PATIENTS AND METHODS Of 1,400 eligible subjects, ≧20 years, we recruited only 1,127. For extreme(More)
In the present study a congestion avoidance algorithm is proposed for multi-users, transmitting simultaneously on a single link. The present algorithm is based on the additive increase and multiplicative decrease feedback law. Equilibrium is reached at which all users shared equally at steady state and utilizes the whole link capacity. The resource(More)
Model predictive control based direct neural controllers represent another class of computer application in the field of non-linear controls. These controllers can also be made adaptive such that the adaptation mechanism attempts to adjust a parameterized nonlinear controller to approximate an ideal controller. Various approximators such as linear mappings,(More)
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