Namiko Suzuki

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It was found in the preceding experiment that a black pigment isolated from black-appearing gallstones resembled melanins but was definitely different from the latter in the chemical structure. As a continuation of the study, this report depicts the results of comparison of the pigment with black substances prepared in vitro from various bilirubin(More)
We assessed the influence of aging on cardiac function by means of parameters measured by echocardiography. The study group consisted of 494 normal subjects aged 13 to 87 years. We measured the ratio of early filling (E) and atrial contraction (A) transmitral flow velocities (E/A) of left and right ventricular inflow (LV E/A and RV E/A) for assessment of(More)
Although a number of theories are available on the mechanism of separation of gallstone ingredients from bile, nothing is practically known as to how the separated ingredients coagulate and solidify in bile to form gallstones. This paper presents a theory on coagulation in bile of gallstones on the basis of a series of experimental facts. An outline of the(More)
 This report describes a newborn with a large mediastinal teratoma (MT) presenting with severe respiratory distress (RD) at birth. At operation, there was no space for dissection because the huge cystic and solid tumor completely occupied the left hemithorax. After evacuation of the cystic component, the tumor was removed successfully. To our knowledge,(More)
At mating, males of Atrophaneura alcinous plug the female copulatory duct with a secretory material, but some females copulate several times and can receive spermatophores from different males up to three times. Remating by plugged females mostly takes place shortly after the first mating, when the freshly formed first plug has not completely hardened. A(More)