Namiko Sakamoto

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We report prolonged unilateral vasodilatation and hemispheric brain edema in a 49-year-old man with fulminant hepatic failure (FHF). The patient presented with a tonic-clonic seizure caused by a hypertensive subcortical hemorrhage in the left parietal lobe. Serial computed tomography (CT) scans showed progressive darkening of the ipsilateral hemisphere,(More)
Polymicrogyria (PMG) is a complex malformation accompanied with abnormal cortical laminations (two-, four- or six-layered cortex), and horizontally oriented myelinated fiber layer is evident in four-layered PMG in older individuals. Here we report a 65-year-old man with refractory epilepsy, in whom postmortem examination revealed four-layered PMG in the(More)
PURPOSE Our purpose was to evaluate image delineation ability of contrast-enhanced post-mortem computed tomography (CEPMCT) using cardiopulmonary resuscitation technique of chest compression, named "resuscitation CEPMCT". MATERIALS AND METHODS Non-traumatically-deceased 15 subjects (7 men; 8 women) aged 19-87 years (mean 61 years) underwent resuscitation(More)
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