Namiko Saito

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(Z,Z)-6,9-Dienes with straight C18–C23 chains were synthesized from linoleic acid, and a C17 chain was synthesized by hydrogenation of the corresponding 6,9-diyne prepared from propargyl alcohol. Oxidation of the homoconjugated dienes withm-chloroperoxybenzoic acid yielded a 1:1 mixture of two monoepoxides that could be separated by repeated medium-pressure(More)
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UNLABELLED Cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor subunit 6 (CPSF6), a host factor that interacts with the HIV-1 capsid (CA) protein, is implicated in diverse functions during the early part of the HIV-1 life cycle, including uncoating, nuclear entry, and integration targeting. Preservation of CA binding to CPSF6 in vivo suggests that this(More)
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