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A new three-dimensional nonlinear path-following guidance law is proposed using differential geometry. The guidance law is designed based on the look-ahead angle and the radially shifted distance which gives an additional degree of freedom to generate acceleration command for precise path-following. A modified Frenet-Serret frame is utilized to describe the(More)
To monitor large areas or simultaneously measure multiple points, multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) must be flown in formation. To perform such flights, sensor information generated by each UAV should be shared via communications. Although a variety of studies have focused on the algorithms for formation flight, these studies have mainly demonstrated(More)
Placenta increta is an uncommon and life-threatening complication of pregnancy characterized by complete or partial absence of the decidua basalis. Placenta increta usually presents with vaginal bleeding during difficult placental removal in the third-trimester. Although placenta increta may complicate first and early second-trimester pregnancy loss, the(More)
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