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One of the obstacles to the proliferation the VR technology to digital contents is the expensive, intrusive, cumbersome and brittle nature of the sensors that are required to detect user’s intent. While optical tracking, being wireless with respect to the user’s body, has been regarded as one solution to this usability aspect, the traditional problems of(More)
Usability has become one of the key ingredients in making virtual reality (VR) systems work, and a big part of a usable VR system is in the design of effective interface/interaction schemes. During the past few years, several empirical studies have been conducted to evaluate the usability of generic interaction techniques in the context of virtual(More)
The data warehouse should be refreshed periodically or aperiodically in order to prevent OLAP transactions from reading extremely stale data. This refreshing process is referred to as view maintenance. There have been many researches on ways to preserve data consistency during the process of view maintenance. The simplest approach among them is to perform(More)
The purpose of this study is to examine the appropriateness and effectiveness of the assistive use of robot projector based augmented reality (AR) to children’s dramatic activity. A system that employ a mobile robot mounted with a projector-camera is used to help manage children’s dramatic activity by projecting backdrops and creating a synthetic video(More)