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This paper attempts to undertake the study of three types of noise such as Salt and Pepper (SPN), Random variation Impulse Noise (RVIN), Speckle (SPKN). Different noise densities have been removed between 10% to 60% by using five types of filters as Mean Filter (MF), Adaptive Wiener Filter (AWF), Gaussian Filter (GF), Standard Median Filter (SMF) and(More)
—This paper attempts to undertake the study of segmentation image techniques by using five threshold methods as Mean method, P-tile method, Histogram Dependent Technique (HDT), Edge Maximization Technique (EMT) and visual Technique and they are compared with one another so as to choose the best technique for threshold segmentation techniques image. These(More)
—This paper attempts to undertake the study of Restored Gaussian Blurred Images. by using four types of techniques of deblurring image as Wiener filter, Regularized filter ,Lucy Richardson deconvlutin algorithm and Blind deconvlution algorithm with an information of the Point Spread Function (PSF) corrupted blurred image with Different values of Size and(More)
Precision agriculture is finding its roots in India. PA always deals with the accuracy and timely information about agriculture products. With the rapid development of computer hardware and software technology, the application of image processing technology in the agricultural research are playing key role [1]. Also, with the advantages of superior speed(More)
—The purposes of this paper have to discuss issues related to Network Traffic Management. A relatively new category of network management is fast becoming a necessity in converged business Networks. Mid-sized and large organizations are finding they must control network traffic behavior to assure that their strategic applications always get the resources(More)
Binarization and Segmentation are considered to be the vital tasks in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for document digitization. This paper discusses the applications of powerful Level set methodologies on these important tasks associated with OCR. Results acquired for these essential procedures in turn govern the accuracy of the OCR system.(More)
Network penetration testing identifies the exploits and vulnerabilities those exist within computer network infrastruc‐ ture and help to confirm the security measures. The objective of this paper is to explain methodology and methos behind penetra‐ tion testing and illustrate remedies over it, which will provide substantial value for network security(More)
With the recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence and information technology, the improvement in the interpretation of the medical images has contributed significantly to the early diagnosis of different diseases. Medical images are difficult to process because they have various modalities. Therefore, the physicians cannot adequately detect(More)
Intrusion detection is the process of identifying unauthorized usage of a Network. It is important task to protect system from unauthorized users on the network and it is very difficult task to protect system from Intruder. For protecting such network-based system from unauthorized users, we have to implement some prevention measures. With the help of(More)