Naman Kohli

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—The presence of a contact lens, particularly a tex-tured cosmetic lens, poses a challenge to iris recognition as it obfuscates the natural iris patterns. The main contribution of this paper is to present an in-depth analysis of the effect of contact lenses on iris recognition. Two databases, namely, IIIT-D Iris Contact Lens database and ND-Contact Lens(More)
Over the years, significant research has been undertaken to improve the performance of face recognition in the presence of covariates such as variations in pose, illumination, expressions, aging, and use of disguises. This paper highlights the effect of illicit drug abuse on facial features. An Illicit Drug Abuse Face (IDAF) database of 105 subjects has(More)
Kinship verification has a number of applications such as organizing large collections of images and recognizing resemblances among humans. In this paper, first, a human study is conducted to understand the capabilities of human mind and to identify the discriminatory areas of a face that facilitate kinship-cues. The visual stimuli presented to the(More)
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