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Language change is a complex social phenomenon, revealing pathways of communication and sociocultural influence. But, while language change has long been a topic of study in sociolinguistics, traditional linguistic research methods rely on circumstantial evidence, estimating the direction of change from differences between older and younger speakers. In(More)
Sketch based image retrieval is a task that has been explored a lot recently as an alternative method for image retrieval. We develop this task on The Sketchy Database, where we use Siamese and Triplet network to perform sketch based image retrieval. We employ deep residual learning network as the constituent network in the Siamese and Triplet architecture(More)
Residential and commercial buildings are responsible for about 40% of primary energy consumption in the US. The design of a building has tremendous effect on its energy profile, and recently there has been an increased interest in developing optimization methods that support the design of high performance buildings. Previous approaches are either based on(More)
The daily routine of a student has a direct impact on her performance. Understanding the routine of students in the campus can help students as well as universities. We propose a smartphone based sensing mechanism to understand the daily routine of students inside a campus. Unlike survey-based methods of understanding trends among students, we explore the(More)
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