Nam Tuan Le

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Physical activity has been shown to ameliorate dopaminergic degeneration in non-human animal models. However, the effects of regular physical activity on normal age-related changes in dopamine function in humans are unknown. Here we present cross-sectional data from forty-four healthy human subjects between 23 and 80 years old, showing that typical(More)
Everything in the world is being connected, and things are becoming interactive. The future of the interactive world depends on the future Internet of Things (IoT). Software-defined networking (SDN) technology, a new paradigm in the networking area, can be useful in creating an IoT because it can handle interactivity by controlling physical devices,(More)
As an enhancement of cellular networks, the future-generation 5G network can be considered an ultra-high-speed technology. The proposed 5G network might include all types of advanced dominant technologies to provide remarkable services. Consequently, new architectures and service management schemes for different applications of the emerging technologies(More)