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MIMO is popular technique which can improve the reliability and spectral efficiency of RF communication system by using the spatial link dimensions. It is also an attractive option solution for achieving high data rate. Optical Camera Communication (OCC) is considered for revision specification of visible light communication standard. One of the most(More)
Every shared wireless communication channel needs a medium-access control (MAC) protocol by which nodes contend for the channel and eventually transmit without collisions. Over the past several decades, many MAC protocols have been designed and several are in operation in wireless networks today. The MAC layer emulates a full-duplex logical communication(More)
Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) is widely used in wireless systems to guarantee the reliable delivery of data packets. However with the current state of Visible Light Communication, especial intensity modulation and frequency handover, the traditional ARQ shows some limitation about collision probability and new link connection. This article we propose new(More)
The prevalence of build-in cameras smart phone and LED displays creates a novel opportunity to build camera-based optical wireless communication systems. However, for a practical real-time communication system, there are many consideration issues especially the synchronization of the shutter timing release with the lighting source. In this paper we analyses(More)
IEEE 802.15.4 (low-rate Wireless Personal Area Networks-WPANs) [1] and IEEE 802.15.7 (Visible Light WPANs) [2] are one of the typical of WPANs which can support QoS through guaranteed time slots (GTS) mechanism to allocated a specific duration within a superframe structure for a TDM transmission. The low bandwidth utilization problem may occur in GTSs when(More)
Indoor localization technique is one of the key research issues due to highly demandable market value to provide Location Based Services (LBS) using smart phone. In optical camera communication (OCC) case one of the main advantages in indoor navigation system is LED itself can transmit location information along with unique feature of a camera to detect(More)
One of the most consideration limitations of Optical Camera Communication (OCC) is data rate. With the current modulation scheme and camera frame rate, data rate can achieve at tens of bits per second. MIMO is promising solution for data rate enhancement and overcome the current limitation. Similarly with RF technology, independent streams of light source(More)
Optical Camera Communication (OCC) is considered as an extension of IEEE 802.15.7 specification by same communication channel. Different with another technique, Optical Camera Communication used image sensor for receiver, so the characteristic of image sensor will effect on the operation and performance. In this paper we analyze and discuss the performance(More)
When mentioning about camera, we just think about the picture characteristics such the quality, the resolution. Besides, it will be also the promising technique for communication issue which can be called as optical wireless communication (OWC). The research about OWC has been pushed from these years. However the synchronization still is one of the most(More)
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