Nam-Trung Nguyen

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Sarin (C(4)H(10)FO(2)P,O-isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate) is a colourless, odourless and highly toxic phosphonate that acts as a cholinesterase inhibitor and disrupts neuromuscular transmission. Sarin and related phosphonates are chemical warfare agents, and there is a possibility of their application in a military or terrorist attack. This paper(More)
Rapid prototyping of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is often used to build microfluidic devices. However, the inherent hydrophobic nature of the material limits the use of PDMS in many applications. While different methods have been developed to transform the hydrophobic PDMS surface to a hydrophilic surface, the actual implementation proved to be time(More)
This review presents a systematic perspective on the development of micro-optofluidic lenses. The progress on the development of micro-optofluidic lenses are illustrated by example from recent literature. The advantage of micro-optofluidic lenses over solid lens systems is their tunability without the use of large actuators such as servo motors. Depending(More)
In this letter, the authors report a system for magnetic manipulation of ferrofluid droplets and their dynamic behavior. The magnetic field was generated by an array of planar coils, which were fabricated on a double-sided printed circuit board ͑PCB͒. The permanent magnetic moment of the ferrofluid droplet was created by the field of a pair of permanent(More)
Rapid mixing is important in biomedical analysis. In this study, rapid mixing is obtained through two-phase hydraulic focusing in microchannels. Two mixing streams are focused by two sheath streams. Assuming a laminar flow in the channel, the spreading behavior of the two immiscible fluids is modeled and solved analytically. The results show that both(More)
The use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as food and in food products is becoming more and more widespread. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology is extensively used for the detection of GMOs in food products in order to verify compliance with labeling requirements. In this paper, we present a novel close-loop ferrofluid-driven PCR microchip(More)
In this paper, thermal mixing characteristics of two miscible fluids in a T-shaped microchannel are investigated theoretically, experimentally, and numerically. Thermal mixing processes in a T-shaped microchannel are divided into two zones, consisting of a T-junction and a mixing channel. An analytical two-dimensional model was first built to describe the(More)
— This paper reports a novel optofluidic sensor for measuring dynamic interfacial tensions. The field of micro optofluidics utilizes both microfluidic and microoptic technologies. Thus, our sensor consists of a mirofluidic network and an optical detection system. The sensor is able to measure both surface tension or liquid/liquid interfacial tension. In the(More)