Nam-Trung Nguyen

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In this letter, the authors report a system for magnetic manipulation of ferrofluid droplets and their dynamic behavior. The magnetic field was generated by an array of planar coils, which were fabricated on a double-sided printed circuit board ͑PCB͒. The permanent magnetic moment of the ferrofluid droplet was created by the field of a pair of permanent(More)
— This paper reports a novel optofluidic sensor for measuring dynamic interfacial tensions. The field of micro optofluidics utilizes both microfluidic and microoptic technologies. Thus, our sensor consists of a mirofluidic network and an optical detection system. The sensor is able to measure both surface tension or liquid/liquid interfacial tension. In the(More)
This paper theoretically and experimentally investigates a micromixer based on combined hydrodynamic focusing and time-interleaved segmentation. Both hydrodynamic focusing and time-interleaved segmentation are used in the present study to reduce mixing path, to shorten mixing time, and to enhance mixing quality. While hydrodynamic focusing reduces the(More)
The motion directionality of self-propelled bubble-jet microengines is influenced by their velocities and/or viscosity of the media in which they move. The influence of the fuel concentration from 1 to 3 wt% of H2O2 in 0.5% steps and of the glycerol fraction from 0 to 64% in aqueous solution on the directionality of the microjets motions is examined(More)
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