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Introduction: Several methods are currently used to resolve multiple fibers within a voxel including Q-space imaging such as DSI and QBI. These approaches are generally limited by the burden of dense sampling in Q-space to avoid aliasing, which makes their application to clinical studies difficult. However, compressed sensing (CS) can attain almost perfect(More)
The best electrode performance of metal oxide-graphene nanocomposite material for lithium secondary batteries can be achieved by using the colloidal mixture of layered CoO2 and graphene nanosheets as a precursor. The intervention of layered CoO2 nanosheets in-between graphene nanosheets is fairly effective in optimizing the pore and composite structures of(More)
We investigated the optical properties of Ge nanocrystals surrounded by Ge3N4. The broad emission ranging from infrared to blue is due to the dependence on the crystal size and preparation methods. Here, we report high resolution Photoluminescence (PL) attributed to emission from individual Ge nanocrystals (nc-Ge) spatially resolved using(More)
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