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Demand on the practical synthetic approach to the high performance electrocatalyst is rapidly increasing for fuel cell commercialization. Here we present a synthesis of highly durable and active intermetallic ordered face-centered tetragonal (fct)-PtFe nanoparticles (NPs) coated with a "dual purpose" N-doped carbon shell. Ordered fct-PtFe NPs with the size(More)
The best electrode performance of metal oxide-graphene nanocomposite material for lithium secondary batteries can be achieved by using the colloidal mixture of layered CoO2 and graphene nanosheets as a precursor. The intervention of layered CoO2 nanosheets in-between graphene nanosheets is fairly effective in optimizing the pore and composite structures of(More)
In comparison with the hybridization with 0D TiO2 nanoparticle, 2D layered TiO2 nanosheets are much more effective in the improvement of the photocatalytic activity and photostability of semiconducting compounds. The 2D TiO2-Ag3PO4 nanohybrid described in this paper shows a greater decrease in the electron-hole recombination upon hybridization and a(More)
We observe the modified surface states of an epitaxial thin film of a homologous series of (Bi2)m(Bi2Se3)n, as a topological insulator (TI), by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy measurements. A thin film with m : n  =  1 : 3 (Bi8Se9) has been grown with Bi2 bilayers embedded every other three quintuple layers (QLs) of Bi2Se3. Despite the reduced(More)
Room-temperature multiferroism in LuFeO3 (LFO) films is demonstrated by exploiting the orthorhombic-hexagonal (o-h) morphotrophic phase coexistence. The LFO film further reveals a magnetoelectric coupling effect that is not shown in single-phase (h- or o-) LFO. The observed multiferroism is attributed to the combination of sufficient polarization from h-LFO(More)
The formation and surface structure of pentafluorobenzenethiol (PFBT) self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on Au(111) formed under various experimental conditions were examined by means of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Although it is well known that PFBT molecules on metal surfaces do not form ordered SAMs, we clearly revealed for the first time that the(More)
This paper uses self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on an Au(111) substrate to detect the unique characteristics of viologen molecules using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), and reports the orientation and surface changes of molecules at the nano level in real-time. In particular, the rectification characteristics of the viologen molecule were observed at(More)
The synthesis of Bernal-stacked multilayer graphene over large areas is intensively investigated due to the value of this material's tunable electronic structure, which makes it promising for use in a wide range of optoelectronic applications. Multilayer graphene is typically formed via chemical vapor deposition onto a metal catalyst, such as Ni, a Cu-Ni(More)
This paper reports the synthesis and characterization of silver-cobalt (AgCo) bimetallic composite nanotubes. Cobalt oxide (Co3O4) nanotubes were fabricated by electrospinning and subsequent calcination in air and then reduced to cobalt (Co) metal nanotubes via further calcination under a H2/Ar atmosphere. As-prepared Co nanotubes were then employed as(More)