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BACKGROUND The plant-derived estrogen biochanin A is known to cause vasodilation, but its mechanism of action in hypertension remains unclear. This study was undertaken to investigate the effects and mechanisms of biochanin A on the thoracic aorta in two-kidney, one clip (2K1C) renovascular hypertensive rats. METHODS Hypertension was induced by clipping(More)
To investigate the origin of Koreans, we examined the 12‐locus Y‐chromosome short tandem repeat (Y‐STR) variation in a sample of 310 unrelated males from three localities (Gochang, Andong and Geoje) in Korea and statistically analyzed the previously published four Y‐STR databases (n = 1655) of Korean population. The median joining network of 9‐locus Y‐STR(More)
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