Nam-Kyu Park

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Bioactivity-guided fractionation of Ecklonia stolonifera was used to determine the chemical identity of bioactive constituents, with potent antioxidant activities. The structures of the phlorotannins were determined on the basis of spectroscopic analysis, including NMR and mass spectrometry analysis. The antioxidant activities of the isolated compounds were(More)
During the past decade, residential consumers’ adoption of energy-efficient lighting has increased slowly in the United States. To identify residential consumers’ attitudes and behaviors toward the adoption of energy-efficient lighting, this study examined gender differences in (1) residential consumers’ environmental behaviors in relation to lighting(More)
A container port must be planned to satisfy prompt accommodation of ships with minimum waiting time in port, and with maximum use of berth facilities. Somewhere between these opposing objectives each container port must reach a compromise, the number of berths which will achieve the most economical transfer of cargo between ships and shore. Computational(More)
In the case of building collapses and overturned structures, a three-dimensional (3D) collapse or overturn model is required to reconstruct the accident. As construction sites become increasingly complex and large, 3D laser scanning is sometimes the best tool to accurately document and store the site conditions. This case report presents one case of a(More)
This study presented a Ferris wheel accident case. A Ferris wheel is composed of many parts, and the outmost ring of it is assembled using a lock pin. This accident occurred because the lock pin caught the door of a gondola and the gondola overturned. Five of the seven passengers in the gondola fell to the ground, along with the gondola's viewing window.(More)
With regard to a marine safety system, large vessels are generally loaded with INS (Integrated Navigation System). But although small and medium-sized ships are exposed to safety accidents in the sea, they are not carrying proper navigation devices and equipment. Accordingly, in order to develop INS for small and medium-sized ships(s-INS), an existing INS(More)
We discuss dynamic system performance evaluation in the river port utilizing queuing models with batch arrivals. The general models of the system are developed. This system is modelled by M/M/n/m queue with finite waiting areas and identical and independent cargo-handling capacities. The models are considered with whole and part batch acceptance or whole(More)
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